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by Yule Heibel on April 6, 2009

  • Susan Sontag chatting with Philip Johnson in NYC’s Seagram Building. Johnson makes NIMBY noises about how his view will be blocked when a surface parking lot across the way finally gets redeveloped. Too funny. (This video is from …?, the 60s.)

    tags: video, philip_johnson, susan_sontag, seagram_building, nyc, architecture, nimbyism

  • Interesting article, but most interesting comments, too. For example, that the honeybee is a cultural product of Europe, which has been breeding (in a sense) the species since the middle ages. A colony collapse disorder (species collapse, basically) isn’t just a ‘natural’ occurrence in such a highly cultured species. The other thing that struck me after reading the article (especially the comparison to what the honey bee does compared to some other bees): we have been making that little honey bee work its busted little tail off for hundreds of years. Maybe we’ve been working it too hard. The article is all about how we can find substitute creatures to do all this work to sustain our commercial crops. Wow. [By ‘wow’ I mean, “is that all we can ever come up with? Figuring out how to make something – in this case bees – work harder?”]

    tags: bees, apiculture, collapse, species_collapse

  • The “Did You Know?” video, which has been making its viral rounds through various social networks. Breathless, admittedly amazing facts, prepare to meet a firehose of information. (“What does it in-form?” is another question…)

    tags: youtube, education, technology, google, internet, video

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