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by Yule Heibel on January 17, 2010

  • “Demons, Yarns & Tales – Tapestries by Contemporary Artists”

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    Why demolish one of the Bay Area’s most recognizable structures rather than retain at least some of it for public use? “There’s no reason it can’t be transformed into something wondrous, a fusion of nature and the machine,” said Frederic Schwartz, a New York architect who spent last fall as the college’s Joseph Esherick Visiting Professor in Architecture.
    Inspired by NYC’s High Line, Frederic Schwartz’s students re-purposed the Bay Bridge (slated for demolition).

    tags: bridges, johnson_street_bridge, bay_bridge, san_francisco, restoration

  • Great “SlideShare” presentation on using Twitter to create a news hub for your community.

    tags: local_news, twitter, slideshare

  • One of the many thought-provoking statements in Ethan Watters’s article on modern mental health (and its diagnosis & treatment):
    “Since the illness was seen as the work of outside forces, it was understood as an affliction for the sufferer but not as an identity.”

    Watters writes about how a Western (often American) conception of mental health has shaped global understanding of illness/ disease, sometimes with negative consequences. In earlier times and in other cultures, mental states were diagnosed with a view to “culture bound syndromes,” but modern mental health refutes this. In turn, however, cultural attitudes to mental health can grow more rigid (and unforgiving): your brain is broken (neurological disorder), vs. your spirit is (temporarily?) discombobulated. The former view exacts a harsher response than the latter, according to experiments conducted by researchers.

    tags: mental_health, cultural_norms, americanization, nyt, ethan_watters

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