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by Yule Heibel on June 5, 2011

  • Well, d’oh. If you’re depressed, you FAIL to remember joy. Self-reinforcing crap. Re-learn to remember joy. That would help. This, too:
    Dr. Williams has found that specificity can be increased with training in mindfulness, a form of meditation increasingly popular in combating some types of depression. Subjects are taught to focus on moment-to-moment experiences and to accept their negative thoughts rather than trying to avoid them. It may help by making people more tolerant of negative memories and short-circuit the impulse to escape them, which can lead to overgenerality.

    Meditation means that for some, the past is no longer such a heavy burden.
    In other words, pay attention. Just pay attention.

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  • Going to be fraught territory…
    I suspect that IARC’s tenuous conclusion — that cell phones “may” be linked to cancer — will be fully justified by the research. It also will be largely ignored by the public, since most people long ago learned to discount cancer risk stories when the chemical or technology involved is extremely popular.

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