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by Yule Heibel on September 18, 2011

  • Strange and awesome sculptures of the human form, made from old typewriters…
    As we browse through Mayer’s work, you will notice that there are few (if any!) typewriter parts that do not resemble a feature of the human body. A mechanical part becomes a human spine; a typebar a finger. Surprised? We sure were.

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  • Evgeny Morozov notes that public outrage over rioters might be playing right into the hands of repressive regimes only too eager to tighten social media controls in their own countries…
    In their concern to stop not just mob violence but commercial crimes like piracy and file-sharing, Western politicians have proposed new tools for examining Web traffic and changes in the basic architecture of the Internet to simplify surveillance. What they fail to see is that such measures can also affect the fate of dissidents in places like China and Iran. Likewise, how European politicians handle online anonymity will influence the policies of sites like Facebook, which, in turn, will affect the political behavior of those who use social media in the Middle East.

    tags: socialtheory socialmedia riots evgeny_morozov socialcritique facebook

  • Interesting. Will it work as well for less quantitative/ more interpretative fields?
    The way the software works is that first the instructor inputs the concept she wants students to discuss. The program then helps create either multiple choice or “open-ended questions that ask for numerical, algebraic, textual, or graphical responses.” Students then respond to these questions using electronic devices they’re already bringing to class, like a laptop or smartphone.

    The instructor can see a snapshot of who “gets” a concept and who still needs extra help, and then pair up students accordingly. The students even receive personalized messages on their devices telling them who to talk to in class, like “turn to your right and talk to Bob,” until they master the concept. And, when it’s time to study, they can access questions and answers from the class discussions.

    tags: harvard teaching pedagogy lectures good_mag education eric_mazur learning_catalytics

  • “THE ULTIMATE GMAIL GUIDE: Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Our Favorite Email Service”

    tags: gmail hacks tips how_to

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