How to avoid getting bumped

by Yule Heibel on January 9, 2012

How to avoid getting bumped? Get there earlier.

Today I was bumped from two events I had hoped to attend. It was my fault, solely: I misjudged how committed Portland residents are to local events.

First, I wanted to sign up to Creative Mornings‘ Portland event, ROUND TABLE WITH THE ADX CREW & COMMUNITY, which was slated to go live for ticket registration at 9am this morning. When I arrived at 10am, the event was already sold out. I got bumped to the wait list. (And, this, for an event at 8:30am on Friday the 13th…)

But I really wanted to learn more about ADX Portland, the folks scheduled to present at this particular Creative Mornings. Some other time, I guess… 😉

Next, I wanted to attend an event co-sponsored by the Portland City Club and Portland Monthly Magazine, Bright Lights: Discussions on the City with John Jay, global creative director for Wieden + Kennedy. The event was this evening – but when I got there at start time, the venue was packed, with an overflow crowd plugging up the entry. Couldn’t get in for love or money. Well, here’s hoping it’ll be on Vimeo soon… And next time? Get there earlier!

I briefly consoled myself with another unexpected Portland art gem in my neighborhood: a tiny (unmanned?) art gallery in what looks like a converted garage, up on Mississippi, just north of Prost/ Skidmore: good: an art gallery. The photo, below, gives an indication of its visual heft, albeit without conveying its aural dimension (there was music on the sidewalk)…

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Youthful Investor January 12, 2012 at 6:50 am

Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture of this boutique art studio. You’re right, it does look like something out of Mississippi. I would love to do a project on something like that.

On an unrelated note, why did you remove comments on your post about the new Facebook Timeline? I thought it was well put together and might engage a decent bit of discussion and traffic. Did it get out of hand?

Yule January 12, 2012 at 11:36 am

Thanks for commenting, Scott – interesting blog you have. Re. your question: I didn’t remove comments from my FB Timeline post – there weren’t any to remove, sadly! It’s just that I set my comments so that they automatically close on posts older than a certain time period (a couple of weeks). Some years ago I had a spam attack on older posts (this was before Akismet), and it took hours to weed out all the crap, which kept coming and coming over a period of days. Since then, Akismet has stepped into the breach, but I still close comments after a couple of weeks. I reason (perhaps incorrectly) that nobody is reading these posts anyway (even when they’re fresh?), so why leave comments open… 😉

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