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by Yule Heibel on December 22, 2013

  • Some excellent points in this article (see quote extract), but also so many contradictions/ so much wrong. E.g., there’s a trickle-down supposition (if you build more housing stock, prices will fall): in desirable urban centers, however, that doesn’t seem to happen (enough). Then, a praise for the super-talls (b/c they’re also super-thins), but at the same time a recognition of the street wall (which you can’t have with a super-tall, at least not in that recognizable way). And so on…
    Tall buildings need to create not only an aesthetic contribution to the skyline but also street-level value so they’re more likely to be embraced. But we also need to prioritize what we’re building tall: Right now, housing, in any form, should be encouraged, and cities need to work harder to allow this kind of development to occur.

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