December 27, 2016 (Tuesday)

by Yule Heibel on December 26, 2017

My birthday “week” continues, with today being the actual day. Let it be recorded that the temperature is predicted to be crazy warm for this time of year and this place today: mid-50s, maybe 57ºF. Of course by New Year’s Eve it’s supposed to drop through floor again, but right now the remnant clouds of an overnight passing storm are traveling south to north, roughly, in rapid, ragged succession, allowing stray bits of sunlight to poke through their tattered form, hinting at the all-clear, all-sunny skies predicted for the afternoon. Right now it’s that “rich windy weather” Kate Bush sings of, rich with moisture that, because of the wind, is shaped into bands, no longer vaguely diffused through the atmosphere as it would be if there were no strongly shaping air currents. It’s the movement which gives the moisture its definition, and makes it rich. It’s the movement, too, which makes it elusive, reminding us that “rich” is transient. Can be transient. Or at least it’s relational. It’s always there, the weather. But we change our relationship to it as we perceive it to change.

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