February 2, 2017 (Thursday)

by Yule Heibel on February 1, 2018

I might get interrupted here pretty quickly, before I manage to write my three pages: at 7:35 this morning, the biggest flatbed truck I’ve ever seen was idling before my house, while a big orange “man-lift” from equipment-4-rent already sat in my driveway. Any moment now I should see K. and his boss from Boston’s Best Chimney drive up.

Later: I meditated. An interesting thought arose: I knew “this” would happen, with “this” being the very early arrival of equipment. “How did you know this,” my mind asked me. “It was on the calendar,” I replied. “Yes, but how did you know this,” my mind insisted. The “this” was the very early equipment arrival, which subsequently scrambled my routines and produced a lot of disruption. That “this” (the early arrival and its scrambling of routines) was on no calendar anywhere.

It was on no calendar, but it was predictable (“I knew ‘this’ would happen”). Why? How? There are patterns, they can be seen. Are they 3-dimensional, or just 2-D, it occurs to me now to ask. I don’t have an answer.

The chimney guys – there are now at least five of them out there – have moved the man-lift about, trying it out in various positions, and are now messing around with extension cords. Now the man-lift, parked directly in front of the front door, rises up and up. Not sure, since they parked centrally, which chimney they’ll tackle first. In addition, A. from D’s appliance repair is in my kitchen, tackling the dryer, and I’m waiting for FedEx. I haven’t had breakfast, it’s 9:30 and I’m hungry. Maybe things will go smoothly. W. has gone into Cambridge to meet T. for lunch.

The clouds have re-covered the sky. I can now hear the chimney guys hammering, trying to remove the copper cones that were cemented on about forty or more years ago. We hope that once the chimney caps are on, we won’t have to worry about more squirrel invasions.

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