May 3, 2017 (Wednesday)

by Yule Heibel on May 2, 2018

The sun is up and out, brightly. Now however the leafed-out trees screen its immediate reach, breaking the light, refracting it into a rather glorious play of green and gold.

Yesterday I barely made it out of the house. Worked all morning, had an eleven o’clock breakfast, during which I began to get caught up on some open tabs and emails. Skyped with A. (and E., who was able to join in for 20 minutes). Exercised, then finished reading – but didn’t even get to reading books, just online. It’s horrible, really, how endless the content stream is.

I skimmed around a bit also on Twitter to see what the opposing sides were saying about the issues of the week, and that was a mistake of sorts as I actually let myself be gulled into watching a (relatively short excerpt) video of a Dutch “banker” who claims that the globalist elite is into Satanism and pedophilia. From the comments this elicited on Twitter, I gathered that the full video interview with this man (actor?) has him claiming stuff about Jews that reeks of all the old European fairy tales (the comments were coming from the political right and the left), and I just thought, Oh my god along with similar Run away! thoughts.

Really, that stuff is toxic. By “that stuff” I mean conspiracy theories.

I sent A. the link to a Zero Hedge article I had tweeted a day or so earlier, about the Deep State and the war machine. I actually liked the article a lot – except for its peddling the idea of a Deep State. A. wanted to argue there is a Deep State. As we talked, I realized (and he agreed) that it’s more of a Deep Group, the kind of thing, as A. pointed out, that Gore Vidal had railed against already way back in the day. And I think that’s right, the Deep Group exists.

But it’s not a Deep State in the sense of a hierarchy of generals and lieutenants, of actual, plotted agendas, of coordinated plans. No, it’s an international (global) group of people who mostly think alike, share similar ambitions (yes, as in wanting power), and work in related industries. They don’t need to coordinate in the sense of a state. It’s enough that they fraternize. They are in the club of PLUs.

Now, back to the alleged Dutch “banker” and his Satanist-pedophilia claims. The claims about “international pedophilia rings” are just a way to make it look like these people are far more structured than they really are. Structured in the sense of partaking in actual organized crime (child sex trafficking), belief systems (“Satanism”) – and all at an international, supra-national level. It’s totally fantastic (in the sense of imaginary) and it works because we all know this stuff (child sex trafficking, weird religious cults) really is, actually is, going on. But not at this organized level of globalists-above-the-law-adopting-it-as-their-special-brand-of-kink.

The conspiracy mongering relies on real, horrific scandals (Dutroux in Belgium, cover-ups, missing files) and expands it into “globalists-are-pedophiles” narratives. Think of the Catholic Church: the pedophilia is real, the crimes are real. From there it’s a small step to believe all priests are involved, and that the rot permeates the entire institution …proving once again the “one bad apple” adage.

Really, any group that wants to claim the moral high ground can’t have bad apples in its barrel, but it seems we tolerate the rotters too much these days.

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