May 16, 2017 (Tuesday)

by Yule Heibel on May 15, 2018

The trees are closing in on my view. In my view as well. Their canopies have thickened and spread remarkably, their height has bounded and leapt upwards. They are green, various shades of it, and last night, when the sun had finally come out in the afternoon, their tops were painted gold by the last rays of sunset. It all looks quite magical, and even kitschy. I just observed a bird flying across the short distance of my back “yard,” from house to fence, and do an almost Disney cartoonesque hop, in mid runway as it were, across the top of one of the trash trees I attempted to trim down the other week.

So now, after weeks of truly frigid weather, we’re heading into heat: by Thursday, we’re supposed to hit 88/90ºF. Today, 77ºF, tomorrow, 83ºF, and Thursday perhaps 90ºF. On the street far below me, I see joggers (through increasingly obscuring screens of leafed-out tree canopy) in candy-colored pastels, mobile botanicals discarding the inorganic colors of winter, be they neon or gray steel. I, of course, am still wearing black.

I think I’m actually a bit afraid of being closed in by these trees. It’s insane how quickly and weedily they grow, and as they get even bigger, their canopies will start to overhang my property and actually encroach on (touch) my house. I hate that my neighbors let these self-seeded “trash” trees grow, and that I should petition them to go on their property to cut them down properly. Since the house was sold months ago, I’m not even sure anyone lives there. Hard to reach out to people who aren’t there…

On Twitter and in the news cycle, everyone’s exploding, as it were, about Trump’s alleged carelessness in revealing Isis-related intel to the Russians, but all I can say is, “Stop it with the Russians thing already.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing, it’s real: I saw a post on A.A.-W.’s Facebook wall on Sunday (went back yesterday for a screenshot and made an Evernote post about it, too), recalling a 17th-century Dutch incident where the Dutch prime minister was killed and then cannibalized, and that maybe this could (should?) be an “option” for us. Yeah, right. Memes, fuck ’em. Do these people not realize how this sort of hysteria makes them look utterly stupid? As I said, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing…

Oh social media. It comes and it goes.

I tweeted something at M.S. about his tweet regarding Judith (Pivotal Decade) Stein; he retweeted it, and before I knew it my tweet had almost 5,000 impressions, and a number of likes and retweets. Weird.

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