July 22, 2017 (Saturday)

by Yule Heibel on July 21, 2018

Just when you think that Trump has really done it, shown himself to be exactly the kind of creep his opposition says he is – by ragging on his ally Sessions, firing Spicer (and creating more White House “chaos”), and speculating openly about canning Mueller as well as possibly seeking “pardons” (or amnesty?) for his family and himself – the opposition Democrats go ahead and do something so absurd as to make Trump look reasonable again. Namely, they now apparently are calling for Jill Stein to be investigated for “colluding” with “the Russians.” I haven’t read about this in detail, it just crossed my Twitter stream, but if even a fraction of it is true, we’ll know that the Dems have totally lost their marbles.

I was kind of loathe to use the Salem witch trials comparison because it strikes me as somewhat akin to using the Hitler comparison. They’re both facile, lazy, too “snappish” in their shorthand to allow for thought to traverse into and out of them. But this morning I thought to myself, “Salem, you’re on the map again.” Question is, what kind of minefield territory is it? What’s going to explode next?

Yesterday it was really quite hot, 90ºF, and the two guys V. left literally stranded here (they had no transportation of their own) worked like dogs, scraping paint from 7:30a.m. till at least 5:30p.m., when I had to leave for the airport to pick up A. At 4p.m. I went to the store and got them two bottles of Starbucks iced coffee and a box of Entenmann’s donuts. Should probably do it again for the crew of four that showed up at 7:45a.m. today. I was up at 6:30a.m., trying to get all my things done before they arrived. A. is still sleeping, dead to the world, lucky dog. It must be nice to be able to sleep through practically anything. Of course, all the scritch-scritch-scree scraping sounds are in my area – the sunroom window frames are getting the treatment.

My drive to the airport yesterday was, amazingly, a breeze. Less than forty minutes. Compare that to the forty-five minutes it took W. to get from Congress St. in Boston to the airport via public transportation. It might rain (or maybe not) tomorrow, but possibly cool off. This is good because it’ll lessen the “heat shock” for E. and Ax. who arrive late tomorrow afternoon. First meal will be something from Wrapture. Starting with breakfast tomorrow I’ll have to cook some vegan stuff…

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