July 25, 2017 (Tuesday)

by Yule Heibel on July 24, 2018

Getting up early is hard for W. and me. Yet here we are, doing it, with him coming home late-ish in the evenings, seven or seven-thirty. My work continues, making dinner, cleaning up, etc. Now there’s the company, too, of which I’m glad, but it extends social “on” time for longer than usual. When we go to bed we’re really tired – I’ve given up trying to read, too wiped out. Last night I slept badly, but 6:20a.m. arrives and I and my eye bags haul ourselves out of bed anyway.

Yesterday it rained – often heavily – all day. Absolutely nothing to do but stay inside – or, as in my case, rush to the supermarket because I realized, in a semi-panic, that there just wasn’t enough food in the house to feed the ravenous hordes. A. and E. eat a lot, and Ax. will tuck in when prompted. I had baked a bread in the morning. By 2p.m. it was gone. The store-bought pumpernickel bread is getting decimated as well. Various soups, salads, spreads: inhaled. This is all good, normal; but I saw that I had to run to the store for more supplies. Also, plan filling meals (emphasis on filling). And plan them so they could be cooked quickly – that is, with lots of preparation done in advance, so it doesn’t conflict with my run to the station to pick up W., nor with afternoon outings while our guests are here – because my idea of eating out took a hit in the wake of Sunday’s absolutely inedible lunch and expensive (but not at all filling for the vegan) dinner. It’s just not worth it to pay for what local eateries consider their concession to vegan food – often even their vegetarian offerings. Overpriced for what you get, thin on the plate, not filling, not especially nourishing. So it falls to me to cook. And it’s a lot of work.

It’s still wet out this morning, but not raining. I plan to drive to Mt. Auburn Cemetery and the Arnold Arboretum with the gang later.

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