September 2, 2017 (Saturday)

by Yule Heibel on September 1, 2018

Another beautiful, cool but sunny, day – so unusual.

I went to a lunch yesterday. New group. First time there for me. I went with some trepidation (because I typically enter new social situations with at least a bit of that). Almost everyone there was older, some a lot older, than I am. On one side of me sat the organizer, who turned out to be very nice, and on the other an older man who said he didn’t have much time for reading, but really liked watching “The Tunnel” on TV. I agreed on the latter, but refrained from offering my critique of the show as he was also a bit hard of hearing. Towards the end of the lunch he actually asked me, out of the blue, the Big Question About The Meaning of Life, asking me to proffer my opinion on what I thought was out there, and if it’s all energy, say, where does it come from? Is there an edge to the cosmos, and if so, what’s beyond it? It was kind of surreal , especially as he had spent some time before that talking about mundane concerns, like his real estate businesses and the boat he and his wife wanted to sell, and how they spend only from May to October here, living in SoCal the rest of the year.

I left early to get home in time for my Skype call with E. and A., the former in a so-so mood, the latter in a vile mood. Great.

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