September 14, 2017 (Thursday)

by Yule Heibel on September 13, 2018

On Tuesday and yesterday I got myself embroiled on the site Nextdoor about development on R.-Street, and surprisingly was involved in some fine, interesting discussion. Things are happening here for sure – TOD (transit oriented development), “affordable” housing, “luxury” multifamily units (i.e., not just luxury single family homes), and so on.

The weather continues warm; hot, even. It’s a real late summer summer, but the nights cool off. Will be meeting C. at T.-café later; am reminded that I didn’t hear from M. whether she liked the stickers I designed – part of a small birthday package for her. I guess she didn’t…? I’m reminded of the stickers, printed with my photoblends, because the second set I ordered is sitting on my desk, their edges curling slightly.

I still have to RSVP in the negative to T.’s invitation to the memorial for B. He will sink like a stone. ( <– Not sure why that popped out, it’s quite mean.) His wife N. less so – she got an obituary in the NYT: it was such an outrageous tissue of lies, it will keep her afloat for years. B., not so much.

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