September 19, 2017 (Tuesday)

by Yule Heibel on September 18, 2018

This afternoon I’m driving to Cambridge. Will meet W. at [café], then go to a 7p.m. event at Harvard’s Yenching Auditorium to hear Dave Rubin (of The Rubin Report), Bret Weinstein, and some other guy from the sponsoring organization, the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI). I never thought I’d have anything to look forward to from anything associated with Ayn Rand, whose work I really dislike, but there ya go. Stranger things have happened.

It’s foggy again. It’s like Portland Oregon in winter, except warmer. Tomorrow we might see some tropical storm activity – “Maria” is already pounding the Caribbean after “Irma.” “Jose” and “K”-one didn’t do much, I don’t think.

Yesterday I went on a strike against the routine, and ended up Skyping with A. for nearly two hours. We talked about where W. and I could move, to live, and he narrated (in delightfully acerbic ways) the Google “street view” tour he proceeded to take through the American south, with both of us nixing all of it. Me, a priori; he (who began by thinking he might like it), after seeing the hollowed out and/or sprawling cities. Even cute old Savannah is “cute” only in its historic (and no doubt expensive) core. After that it sprawls and is a mess, it seems. As for me, I wouldn’t be caught dead living there, given the subtropical, humid summers. So they have mild winters – big deal. Doesn’t make up for swamp summers.

Chatted with E. late in the afternoon; she heard back from [company], who want her to do a “Hacker Rank” online test. When I mentioned that W. and I are off to NYC she admitted to being envious. She likes New York. Maybe we should all live there? Dream, dream, dream on. (But maybe even A. would move there? Ooh.)

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