October 4, 2017 (Wednesday)

by Yule Heibel on October 3, 2018

Definitely not morning pages, definitely not three pages today, either.

Survived an overnight flight with Lufthansa to Munich. The plane was actually reasonably comfortable, but I only slept for maybe an hour, if that. Wandered the posh Munich airport till it was time to leave with Air Dolimiti for Florence. It was cold in Munich (as we experienced, taking buses to and from planes and terminals), but great heat awaited in Florence. We shared a cab with a woman from Toronto, who runs a vacation property she and her brother own in the Tuscan hills of Cortona. It was nice to ride in with her since she’s practically a local and could share some intel.

On to the hotel – a former private palazzo (what else?). Quite comfortable, right on the S. Maria Novella square. Unpacked, ran all over town to soak up sunlight and set the body clock.

After dinner we walked over to the awe-inspiring cathedral complex (Duomo, Campanile, Baptistry). Just wow, the architecture. But it seems almost cut off from everyday life, somehow – cut off from being a fount, a driver. Except for driving tourism, of course. Always the tourists, of which we were two.

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