October 9, 2017 (Monday)

by Yule Heibel on October 8, 2018

Today we’re tackling the Duomo complex. We have 12p.m. tickets for the Duomo itself. In some ways there has been a bit too much scheduling on this vacation, and it feels like we haven’t been able to sleep in for even a single day so far. Grr. Yesterday we raced off to get a train to B.’s village …only to learn that it doesn’t run on Sundays. And instead of waiting for the next one (which would have arrived just over an hour later), we took a cab for €36 instead. I was against it, of course, but w/e.We did have a great visit – a very lovely meal, lots of great conversation, and a quiet, restorative walk through the hills afterwards.

B. walked back to the train station with us in the evening, and we talked about travel. W. mentioned that I would like to visit Tel Aviv sometime. B. thought that visiting Israel – as well as Mexico, which W. may have mentioned as a place he doesn’t want to visit – wouldn’t feel right to her “because of all the oppression.” I just kind of stared, didn’t know what to say. Seriously, liberal guilt is infuriating. If anyone has systematically screwed the Palestinians over, it’s their Arab “friends” who are treating them like puppets and proxies for their own agendas. And as for poor Mexicans, they’re screwed over by other Mexicans. Sure, obviouslyIsrael and the US aren’t “blameless,” respectively, in what’s going on in those countries. But but but… The unwillingness to recognize that local mechanics are in place… I don’t know.

I think I dreamt  I had a party. All sorts of people came.

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