October 18, 2017 (Wednesday)

by Yule Heibel on October 17, 2018

If my handwriting is occasionally messed up here it’s because I have a still-throbbing (albeit better) middle fingertip on my write – my right – hand where I sliced it yesterday while not being careful enough with the Mandoline. Why is it called a “Mandoline,” anyway? It doesn’t sound – only the user does when she clean slices bits of digits into the cole slaw.

It hurt a lot, and it bled like crazy. I’m counting on having “good healing flesh” (gutes Heilfleisch, in German). So, yesterday was not my day…

I set out to work on those five-year autobiography snippets, suggested somewhere by Julia Cameron. But when I opened Scrivener, the first project that popped up was my “novel” (why scarequotes?), and I felt compelled to read through all the bits I have there. It’s quite good in places, and too simple in others. I need to introduce some roughage, as it were.

I hate to say it, but something about the Scrivener interface really seems to “block” me. It’s too much. But why? I used to be able to work on it, no problem. Maybe it’s not Scrivener, but me.

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