Grey propaganda, not grey matter

by Yule Heibel on September 20, 2003

Indymedia is being infiltrated by grey propaganda, and it’s a very weird story. See, The Model, her Shadow, the Payload, and the IMC: A grey propaganda operation on the Indymedia network. The article is about Gabrielle Reilly, who could be Ann Coulter‘s “Charlie’s Angel” cousin. Indymedia reports that over 97% of all links to [Gabrielle Reilly’s site] start out as feeder stories planted systematically on the Indymedia network.” Note that there doesn’t seem to be a direct link to this article, but The Model, her Shadow, … should stay up on Victoria IMC’s front page for a few days. At issue:

As the ‘War on Terror’ ramps up ever higher, the mainstream and alternative media will become increasingly saturated with white/black/grey propaganda — much of it far more sophisticated than the Shadow’s lame attempt at hormonal engineering — the IMCs [Independent Media organizations] will have to choose: does open publishing mean becoming a pipeline for made-in-the-USA propaganda, or will the network develop an editing system that treats these US government grey ops as the trolls they are? more…

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