Keep your eyes on the skies

by Yule Heibel on October 20, 2003

Friends, build your arks. After a record drought this summer, we’re now deluged with 100-year-record-breaking rains. It began on Thursday, continuing into Friday. Victoria logged 91 millimetres (just over 3 1/2 inches) before Thursday was done; Lower Mainland areas were much more badly inundated by the next day (up to 150 mm). On the weekend, the rains obligingly stopped, and coming back from a walk I cursed my boots and jacket, happy to change into sandals & t-shirt as soon as I got the chance. Today it’s nearly as warm, except it’s once again a curtain-wall of water out there. The reservoirs are filling up (good). Roads are washing out and people are evacuating (not good).

Remember when shower heads didn’t have those lo-flow controls on them? Remember the sound? Not that harsh, aerated sound of a modern head, but the full, soft sound of plentiful unforced water falling fast yet leisurely: there’s plenty where this came from, they seemed to say. And it keeps coming and coming. Some people are thinking about how to use water well, but everyone else is just looking for blue skies.

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