Referrer cleavage, school for scandal?

by Yule Heibel on October 20, 2003

How do referrers work? This is my referrer page, and I often check it now, if only to marvel at how often someone googling “toe cleavage” lands on my blog. It’s never “big toe,” or “George Bataille.” No, just cleavage. (Huhn, ass cleavage, more like…) Just looking at it now, I see that someone reached my blog from two yahoo mail sites:


Visiting these sites tells me nothing, but I’m intrigued. Who’s blocking what sender? Is someone gossiping on yahoo mail lists? Is it local, someone I know? A friend? The local homeschoolers list, whose members I haven’t bothered to meet in person (maybe the Christians have finally decided I’m the antichrist)? A fluke? Fascinating possibilities for considering the dimensions of gossip, though. Referrers: a spy in the house of blog.

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