Comments kaput?

by Yule Heibel on November 18, 2003

While others are putting comments in, my comments function seems to be imploding. Three comments in the last little while, and they’re not showing up. Maybe tomorrow?


Stu Savory November 19, 2003 at 3:34 am

Saw YOUR comment over at Betsy’s place though.
See my blog entry of November 7th for the REAL story behind “Hallo Sailor” 🙂


Yule Heibel November 19, 2003 at 12:32 pm

Ah, very witty, very witty, Stu, your “A l’eau! C’est l’heure!” Think Ernestina was a fan of old Bony’s? PS: it was a comment at Brian’s, wasn’t it? Both start with “B,” has he had a sex change?

You should get comments, btw. I wanted to say something about your entry on Michael Moore’s appearance vs his eloquence, by taking a shot at obnoxious people like Virginia Postrel who believe that making yourself look good is so critical to success in life. She and all her acolytes — of whom some are blogging (as she is) — are personally co-responsible for many of our current social ills. Appearance, seeming (Shakespeare had it sussed already, so, ok ok, it’s not exactly a new problem!), all that crap dominates eloquence, brains, etc. I for one hate people like Postrel and all her ilk who think you have to work harder and harder and work out harder and harder and diet harder and harder and run harder and harder. Yeah, on their deathbeds I’m sure these idiots will be saying, “I wish I’d done it harder.” God knows their little pea-brains are rock hard.

Also wanted to compliment you on your use of “Wurgh!” (a kind of more onomatopeic “ugh”), as it conveys precisely the sense of disgust, and is of course a kind of English-accented translation of wuerg or wuergen, which means to gag. I think “wurgh” should make it into an English dictionary, really! (Maybe it already is? must look that up…)

Stu Savory November 19, 2003 at 2:37 pm

Hi Yule,
I blogged a few days ago about why I don’t do comments or a guest book.
If people want to comment, they can mail me and – after vetting – I’ll include the comment; I did this with BrykMantra just the other day.

Michael Moore was BRILLIANT and had the crowd with him all the way.
Of course he uses the “sloppy” image deliberately; he knows what he’s doing.

The problem with being multilingual – as you yourself will know – is that sometimes I slip across language borders without realising it. Meschuggah.
And I make multilingual jokes without really stopping to think what (small?) percentage of my readership can cope with the foreign language. Just last month, Agnete berated me for making puns in Swedush in my English blog. So I had to apologise and then explain the puns (which spoils the whole casual “throw away” nature of the lines).

Thanks for the warning, I shall avoid Ms. Postrel.
Ctyapt Cabopu

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