From “We Are Not Afraid” to “but maybe we should be”

by Yule Heibel on July 22, 2005

According to The Globe & Mail, British “police are believed to be under orders to shoot to kill if they believe someone is about to set off a bomb.” According to Sky Television (as reported by Reuters), the man shot dead by London police was not one of the four bombers who tried to attack the city’s transport system on Thursday. According to several eyewitness reports, the man killed today was thrown to the ground by police and then shot five times in the head (there are several reports on this; here is one).

In other words, as per government mandate, the police have a shoot-first-ask-questions-later policy in place.

This has the potential to make me and many others afraid. A policy like this is not right. It’s playing right into the terrorists’ hands. (And yes, two wrongs do indeed not make a right.)

I read that 84,000 Londoners were killed during the Blitz of London. German aliens living in England were rounded up and put in detention camps, including innocent Germans, anti-Nazi Germans. They weren’t treated very nicely. But I don’t think any were literally chased down by police and shot point blank in the head the way the “Asian” man today was. So, listen, what’s to stop all the other Asians (and Arabs and Blacks) in Britain from thinking — and saying — “racism” when they discuss what happened today? It seems to me that the only ethno-cultural group that comes close to having been treated as badly as “coloureds” are the Irish.

Talk about playing right into their hands by creating a sense of anarchy and absence of the rule of law (which includes the tenet “innocent until proven guilty”)…

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