My feeds disappeared

by Yule Heibel on July 22, 2005

Shelley has a very funny entry called Feed the feeds, which is all about, well, feeds, for blogs. I know very little about syndication feeds and how they work and why there are different kinds, but I was feeling a bit smug about them nonetheless because I found this cool little application called Sage, which I started using just a little while ago to subscribe to a whole passel of e-learning blogs and websites. A growing passel, in fact, which I was carefully tending and watering.

But for some reason (that technology is evil, maybe?), after cleaning up and rebooting my computer today (I have been known to go for months without rebooting, until my pagein and pageout ratios are beyond belief), I clicked on my nifty Sage reader — and poof!, all my feeds were gone. My reaction has been straight along the lines of the Dynamic Driveler’s hilarious animation. You have to see this one…

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