Bush’s “female” speech

by Yule Heibel on September 16, 2005

Via Crooks and Liars, here’s a pointer I found thoroughly depressing….

Dick Morris on Bush: “Man, is he fortunate!” (both QT & Windows video available, go see). Crooks and Liars introduces the content thus:

Dick Morris just loved President Bush’s speech last night. It had the most important component he likes. Morris calls it a “female” speech.


Morris:..he believes that they should fight wars and that was the first term, and they believe they should recover from disasters and that’s the second term. Man, is this guy fortunate.

Stunned Hannity: Fortunate to have a disaster?

He does try to recovers [sic], but he had a little too much glee in his eyes. Politically speaking, Morris thinks it’s just so great that Bush has all these disasters to attend to so he can look like a hero trying to fix them. Did it ever dawn on Dick that the President might bear some culpability in the overall response and or protection from these disasters to begin with? [More & see the video….]

Good question. But seriously depressing is seeing Dick Morris talk about how Bush is going to skyrocket in the polls now. This is exactly what I’ve been worrying about, and here’s this former Clintonite gloating about it. Makes a person wonder. Nothing succeeds like success, eh?

But what’s with calling this speech “female”? What is that? Oooh, must be the “caring” and “nurturing” thing…

What’s more depressing? That the pundits are predicting a rise in Bush’s popularity, or that “female” is the latest “tag” in doubleplusgood-speak? Man, we are in trouble.


maria September 17, 2005 at 2:58 am

I find it all very depressing — it’s back to business as usual in the media. I do watch TV, so I am seeing this and hearing it.

Yule Heibel September 20, 2005 at 2:05 am

Ironically, I take some comfort in watching a bit of tv on the internet, viz. the Daily Show snippets that One Good Move posts with regularity. So, while I’m not being depressed or riled up by watching all the coverage (or, b2b coverage), I’m heartened by Jon Stewart’s smart-ass and smart-head ripostes. Then again, you have to ask yourself, and now? how come this anger and critique doesn’t make a dent?

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