Oh yeah, markets are “conversations”

by Yule Heibel on October 21, 2005

Markets are conversations, we’ve all learned.

Bite me, why don’t you?

Here’s what Corky Evans, B.C. New Democratic Party MLA, said about a proposed review by Ottawa of U.S. energy giant Kinder Morgan Inc.‘s proposed $6.9-billion takeover of Terasen Inc.:

This is about whether or not Canadians should be able to have a conversation about Canada before we sell a chunk of it. [More…]

Any more of this sort of talk, Corky, and I shall have to resort to acronyms, like ROTFLMAO…. Talk about subtle understatement! I do admire Mr. Evans for his sophisticated use of the word “conversation,” but let’s face it, this conversation is turning into the hoserisation of Canadians. Yup, fetchers of water and bearers wood.

Enough, already.


UPDATE: For further discussion, and in what might be true-to-blogging elliptical methodology, I’ve moved this conversation to the comments board for Burningbird‘s entry, Why American Businesses are Dying. Take a pew…

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