Psychics read your dog’s mind at Victoria’s “Pup ‘n Cup”

by Yule Heibel on November 10, 2006

I first read about Pup ‘n Cup around the time they opened: they put leaflets on many edge-of-downtown telephone poles …at dog-eye level. What was advertised was a cafe for people and dogs, but alas, the scheme immediately ran into trouble with the local health authority. As a result, Pup ‘n Cup also immediately became the beneficiary of considerable free advertising, since the news outlets picked up on it, and reported the saga at length.


Today’s paper has yet another follow-up, which is so enticing that I, too, feel I’ll soon have to take my dog there: for a nominal fee, I could get Jigger’s “mind” read. I know for a fact that this stubborn little terrier is constantly trying to use mind-control on my mind, when, for example, he stops at a corner and looks at me …doggedly (sorry), trying to convince me through hypnotic, nearly accusatory staring, that we really should go that way, not this way.

The article, Pup N Cup offers coffee and dog mind-reading, would suggest that I’m not the only loopy human convinced that my dog is trying to tell me something:

Twice a month the 1391A Hillside Ave. store holds psychic evenings for four-legged patrons. These sessions have exploded in popularity with dogs and their owners packing the place.(…)

Pup N Cup’s next psychic event starts Friday at 7 p.m. Owners can register by calling 475-5837 or going to the website at Admission is $5 for owner and dog, and a $5 minimum donation for a reading with two animal communicators. Readings are 15 to 20 minutes long and “they will, I guarantee you, blow your mind,” Schwind said. Owner’s jaws’ drop at what they hear. People laugh and cry.

One psychic puts her hands on the dogs and does “automatic writing” to share the animal’s’ thoughts. Another picks up on their physical and emotional needs. “Dogs never speak badly about people,” Schwind said. Rather than blasting an owner’s behaviour, a dog may couch its words by saying, “The guy didn’t treat me was well as he could have.”

When a dog recently “told” a psychic it was thirsty, the session ended and the pooch went for a drink of water, he said. Several rescue dogs have been brought in to help understand their past and nutritional needs.

These events are such a hit that an amplifier was added and, at intermission, Luker plays guitar and sings.

Other special events include a Halloween fashion show featuring 10 dachshunds and techno-music. A dog first aid course is coming up later this month, along with a course on how to take photos of your pets. Schwind is also hoping to stage a Saturday evening of stupid pet tricks in the future. (More…)

Wow. I have to admit that I’m in awe of Pup ‘n Cup‘s dumb (or is it savvy?) luck at falling into such a treasure trove of free advertising through the relatively simple mechanism of defying the health authority.


I wonder what Jigger thinks of all this?

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Mere T. January 14, 2007 at 11:53 am

I’d like to bring my terrier to get his mind ‘read’. Great post and you let me know there is such business around. 🙂

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