Flickr, f-off.

by Yule Heibel on February 1, 2007

That’s it. I’m definitely dropping my flickr account. Like so many others, I received flickr’s “dear old skool members” email the other day, and after looking at yahoo’s sign-up requirements (birthdate, gender, full name, postal/zip code, address, etc.), I thought, “how about I bend over for you while I’m at it?”

The flickr brand is about to go into death-dive mode, it seems, swallowed by yahoo. Burp.

For a whole bunch of buzz around this, see Steve O’Hear on today’s ZDNet; and Thomas Hawk (CEO of Zoomr); Don MacAskill of SmugMug (offering a 50% discount to us “old skoolers”), and others (listed/ linked in the above links).

So, yeah, this is it: flick off!

(Update: I added an explanation of why I find the forced switch to yahoo objectionable on Feb.2/07.  See this entry.)

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