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by Yule Heibel on January 31, 2008

Research Groups Boom in Washington – New York Times

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Think tanks are apparently a booming industry, as Elizabeth Bumiller’s article shows. Richard Florida (“Tanked,” see http://tinyurl.com/35apn9) observes: “A DC insider once told me these so-called think tanks don’t so much create new intellectual capital as repackage and recycle it – or as he put it, they run it down. Candidly, I was shockingly disappointed during my time in DC by the inability of most think tanks to tackle big questions in an open-minded, globally-oriented (that is not American-centric) way. And while there always are individual exceptions, I was also dismayed by the quality of much of the work. My hunch is the increased giving is being fueled by partisan agendas – actually, I have been told many time this is the way think tanks increasingly are funded – as political actors seek to lend credibility and legitimacy to desired actions.” Bumiller closes her article with this: “‘Institutions like this don’t possess power,’ said Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. ‘You’re one of many voices in the political marketplace. It’s up to those in the marketplace who possess power — congressmen, people in the executive branch — to run with one of your ideas.’” That’s something to think about for everyone in every local context, too.

Imaginary Forces: “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed” Annotated

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– brief description of an event at the Apple Store, Santa Monica, 1/30/08: Tali Krakowsky (Imaginary Forces’ Director of Experience Design) talking about current trends in the fusion of design, technology and architecture. How I’d love to be able to attend this!

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