Information: the new “tea” (so many flavours!)

by Yule Heibel on April 2, 2008

Mark Lise posted a pointer on his blog today, and then spun out some thoughts:

This morning I read a post from David Crow on “Community Platforms“. It got me thinking about our local community, that being Victoria and Vancouver. I have always been a supporter of community platforms and open source, but I’d like to see that go further into the real world.

Mark’s post prompted me to leave a comment, since I’ve been mulling something over along these lines for a while now. Click through to the entry to read — turns out this is also an interest of Boris Mann‘s, and he’s going to be at DemoCampVictoria tomorrow evening. Sounds like there’s a conversation brewing!

Now I really feel compelled to write the blasted “concept overview” at last — although the elevator pitch still eludes me. I can see it, but describing it is a lot harder!

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