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by Yule Heibel on April 24, 2008

Aside from posting to Twitter (where there’s a certain art to making posts that stay under 160 characters in length — microblogging as haiku on steroids?), I also add frequently to my Diigo account, which you can see here.  When I have time, I annotate my bookmarks extensively, so there’s actually something to read.

It’s way better than, in my opinion.

Sometimes I bookmark items because they spark enough to make me comment at length (as Doc Searls’s April 19/08 article, Understanding Infrastructure, did), or else it’s part of my current effort to immerse in urbanism-related issues (if that’s of interest, please take a look at CEOs for Cities clip, Chicago’s Green Dividend: totally fascinating).  And sometimes it’s —  urgh! — nostalgia, as triggered for example by this Better Bad News clip.  Ha, innocent days, when whether or not “embedding” a brand name could be considered selling out…  Man, we were all such schmucks…

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