Diigo Bookmarks 08/09/2008 (a.m.)

by Yule Heibel on August 8, 2008

  • 31-page PDF (still to read), “The Entrepreneurial Advantage of World Cities,” subtitled “Evidence from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Data.”

    From the abstract:
    Recent discussions in the Economic Geography literature increasingly focus on creative cities and the importance of creativity for achieving economic growth. Considering the increased attention on urban areas it is not surprising that the regional dimension of entrepreneurship is a subject of great interest. We set out a framework encompassing the individual process between entrepreneurial perceptions and entrepreneurial activity and demonstrate how the urban environment can have an impact on this process.

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  • PSFK’s Piers Fawkes writes an entry that provides the links (now available on Google Video) to the BBC series, “How Buildings Learn,” by Stewart Brand. In addition to the six parts (each ~30 min. long), Fawkes includes some choice quotes.

    For those who know and appreciated Stewart Brand’s book, this series is a great addition.

    tags: psfk, piers_fawkes, architecture, stewart_brand, buildings, television, bbc

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