February 18, 2017 (Saturday)

by Yule Heibel on February 17, 2018

Just because W. very casually threw out the name of Chelsea, the city abutting Boston’s north edge (a city into which the Silver Line extension will move), something he did as an “for example” off-hand comment, as in “If I did work for that company located near South Station, we’d have to move in closer to Boston, for example some place like Chelsea,” I’ve been slightly obsessed with making an exploratory foray there. Chelsea currently is …problematic. No two ways about it. But it has some fine – or finer, at least – “bones,” older buildings from the 19th century which speak to its former vitality as some kind of business or manufacturing center. Much like Lynn, which struggles mightily but doesn’t succeed despite having that stunning, marvelous  ocean frontage. I know nothing about Chelsea, except: 1) that the Tobin Bridge and its highway-like elevated feeder over-hulks parts of the city, giving it both an oppressed as well as a menacing look; and 2) it will be affected strongly by development once (if!) the Silver Line finally reaches it. Maybe E. and I can explore it while she’s here.

So, yesterday we left by ~8:30am for Portland’s “Jetport,” an easy if somewhat boring drive up 95. Once we got out of the suburban weeds and hit the highway, it was a breeze, very little traffic. Found E. waiting, too funny, at the baggage claim. The ride home was pleasant. After we got home and had lunch, E. continued working remotely till 6:30. Now she’s on holiday. I took a long walk in the afternoon, through frozen snow and ice. It was a stunningly beautiful day, though, if cold. The sun on the ocean, that light, all of it reflected back again by the snow…. On a different note: with E. here, W. finally has someone to talk to again about math and coding.

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