July 27, 2017 (Thursday)

by Yule Heibel on July 26, 2018

Writing down the date just now I realized it was exactly ten days ago that Suzie, the amazingly helpful woman at the Home Depot Pro Services Desk pointed out that date’s palindrome (7-17-17) when she took my order for the decking materials. That’s sort of when we started in earnest on this project – which isn’t even halfway through. The rain on Monday and Tuesday this week really threw the schedule, and now it looks like it will rain again today. And the following days don’t look so clear, either.

Right now I’m looking (bleary-eyed) at a cloud-striated sky painted light gold (or platinum), silver, gray, and various shades of blue ranging from baby near the platinum bits at the horizon to dull slate directly overhead. I was up too late last night. We didn’t eat till about 8:30p.m.; E., Ax., and A. stayed to watch the most important race at the Gran Prix, which ended with a spectacular accident and falls, requiring ambulance service. W. – whom I’d picked up at the station – and I had already gone home so (what else?) I could get dinner ready. All morning I had again prepped, roasting vegetables and cooking brown rice, etc. I had made a “Spanish” rice salad with red beets and for four of us a huge cheese omelet. For Ax. I fried tofu cubes I’d dusted with brewer’s yeast before turning them in a slurry of cornstarch and water mix. The frying totally destroyed the stove area – splatters everywhere.

I briefly entertained a fantasy about sleeping late in a couple of days, on Saturday, but then realized that the workers will get here that day (unless it rains), disturbing our little lie-in. And on Sunday we have to get up early for the drive to the airport. Sleep! I want to sleep…

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