August 5, 2017 (Saturday)

by Yule Heibel on August 4, 2018

So, I guess yesterday the stars aligned in a somewhat unfortunate way for me, and, coupled with a relatively elevated stress level which had been building these past ten days over the course of construction, colluded to accelerate me into a heightened state of ill health. Viz., I missed the 2-1/2″ drop at the bottom of the new ramp that leads from the deck to the back door and went flying – absolutely flying – onto the cheese grater surface of the pavement which abuts the ramp. Not only do I have a painful “road rash” on my left lower arm, balls of both hands, knees, sides of right leg, and edges of right foot, but somehow I managed to twist my left foot and ankle. At first it felt okay, but over the course of a couple of hours it morphed into a major pain fest, most worrisome. I fell as I followed V. out the side. He was carrying a very tall ladder, the almost final step in finishing up and cleaning up. He and the crew were done! As I watched to make sure he didn’t hit the corner gutter with that long long ladder, I missed the “step” and went flying. I was compos mentis for the next hour or so, but soon felt like crawling into a hole. Later, after W. walked home (I couldn’t walk at all by this point, not even to the car to pick him up) we ate take-out pizza on the couches. I took two of his old pain meds (the allegedly uber-strong kind, given post-surgery) and drank wine, too. Didn’t affect me much at all, damn it – there I was hoping for a morphine-esque high, and getting bupkes. We watched the last episode of The Tunnel, second season. Complete garbage.

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